What is a jillustration?

Simply put, a jillustration is a custom pen & ink and watercolor illustration of your home or another place that has very special meaning for you.

But look closer. There, hidden within the illustration are tiny bits of information that make it uniquely yours and yours alone. 

Birthdates? Anniversaries? Memorials? Pet names? Inside jokes? What ever it is can be incorporated into your artwork. How much or how little to add is up to you. It can be subtle or more prominent, yet never obvious. Click on any image to the right to see sample details. 

Subject matter that makes for a good jillustration could be your home…or your house of worship where you were married…or a university building where you earned that degree…or a favorite restaurant where you always go to celebrate…or the seaside bungalow from your honeymoon. You get the idea!


Ready to create something special? You can see more samples of my work here. Or check out Process & Pricing and see how to get started on something uniquely you.

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Subtle Detail

Is that crosshatching on the roof a shadow, or is it the the name of a family member?